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Henry Leutwyler(Photographer)

Misty Copeland,2013 

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Fact No. 1 you probably don’t know: I REALLY like Soul Music.

Yup: Gladys Knight, Aretha, Otis, James Brown, Ray, anything from Stax and Motown Records, Stevie, Curtis Mayfield, Four Tops, Al Green, Isley Brothers, Jackie Wilson… all those, shoot even some Blue-eyed soul is cool… Adel is brilliant. Another music fact: Now ask me about how much I like old delta blues and jazz (Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong together was probably the best thing in music ever)

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The Snoral(TM) is a thing I made up, but I think it should totally be real. Sure, I could just make some kind of fleece poncho, but a Snuggie is basically a robe turned backwards, and look how that turned out for them.

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One of those magical moments